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Print, outdoor, website, and guerilla campaign for Brammo’s electric motorcycle, the Enertia.










As a whole, students are being pressured everywhere they go. By parents, teachers, counselors, and more. The last thing the SAT needs to do is jump on the bandwagon and give them a hard sell to take the test.  This site helps put the SAT back down into perspective by pointing out that they (kind of) understand what kids are going through.


This handy 100-year planner is the perfect tool for kids to map out not only where they’ve been in their short 17 years, but also where they’re going for the next 83. By setting year-by-year achievement goals for themselves, the students are sure to know what they’re doing and where they’re going at all times while getting their parents off their backs with a wink.


Black Licorice is a polarizing flavor. It is not for everyone. The Cult of the Black  Mint is for those weirdos who actually do enjoy the taste of Black Licorice Altoids. Following the Altoids promise of being “Curiously Strong”, the cult is also designed for people who enjoy pain.


The Cult’s website contains all you need to know about the Cult of the Black Mint as well as Black Licorice Altoids. It also houses The Pain Game for those curious in self inflicted pain.


Cult literature is passed out by cult members on the streets, hollowed out cult bibles containing the mints are placed in hotel rooms, and the cult’s brainwashing kits are sent directly to interested pain aficionados.




Is life Boring? Are you stuck in a routine? Follow these instructions to make your life enormous.

Ads in The Onion, coasters in bars,  oversized matchbooks, and the tip of the day digital billboard all encourage an enormous lifestyle.

Brutal is a website geared toward teenage boys designed for a major pharmaceutical company. They were looking for a space to promote their brands to the target audience. The site is run by an editorial team of like-minded teenage boys.

For, we developed a system to encourage advertisers to use rich media advertising as opposed to static banner placement. In this way the advertisements are more engaging to teens and act the same as original content created for the site.

Scion Speak is a website designed to allow Scion enthusiast to design their very own Scion crest that represents them and their lifestyle. Once finished designing the crest the user can download a high-res version of it to be made into a vinyl sticker for placement on their Scion.

Among other publications, Scion Speak was highlighted as the cover article in Contagious Magazine. We reached out to a 3D model artist and had a crest designed for the front and back covers of the magazine. We also covered the inside of both covers with crests designed by users of the site.