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Print, outdoor, website, and guerilla campaign for Brammo’s electric motorcycle, the Enertia.









As a whole, students are being pressured everywhere they go. By parents, teachers, counselors, and more. The last thing the SAT needs to do is jump on the bandwagon and give them a hard sell to take the test.  This site helps put the SAT back down into perspective by pointing out that they (kind of) understand what kids are going through.


This handy 100-year planner is the perfect tool for kids to map out not only where they’ve been in their short 17 years, but also where they’re going for the next 83. By setting year-by-year achievement goals for themselves, the students are sure to know what they’re doing and where they’re going at all times while getting their parents off their backs with a wink.


Identity and self promotional materials for Junius Media Group, a media
arts collective.

Album packaging and poster for The Thrills album So Much for the City

Flier promoting Midtown Village’s holiday Wednesdays in Philadelphia.

Flier promoting taco Tuesdays at Barbarella.

Flier for a DJ night at Johnny Brenda’s featuring Michael Prince.

Flier for a weekend at Lost Bar.


A board games museum exhibit companion book. The exhibit and book have two parallel themes. One based on the ways board games help children develop mentally. The other based on creativity and fun.

This was designed for the book “Face Lift” by Roxana Robinson

Designed and stenciled for a gallery show, this skateboard triptych uses only manipulated typography.

Re Magazine is a thematic three color “zine” in which the theme and title change with each issue. Each issue’s title is a different word starting with the letters RE.